estado de los elementos de la interfaz de usuario de jquery en JSON

How can I store the state of draggables and droppables from jquery UI into JSON? I want to save the state and retrieve them back using JSON. Is this the best way or alternate ways are also possible?

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No, I am a newbie and trying to know how to accomplish. -

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Use the callbackhandlers of the draggable/Droppable events to get the values which have changed.

You could save those values using localStorage/sessionStorage, so you don't need to save the data to the server.

There is also an polyfill for the Storage API you can use for IE.

Intente algo como esto:

$( ".yourdraggable_element" ).draggable({
   stop: function(event, ui) {

you now can retrieve the position:


Note: this is only a starting point! E.g. you first have to check if localStorage, so please dont take this as complete solution!

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Can you please give me an example of how it is implemented so that I can see and follow? I don't know where to start for now. - Un mil usos

I would recommend jQuery UI -, which supports drag-and-drop through the Draggable and Droppable interactions. They have extensive documentation when it comes to JSON callbacks etc.

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