Creación de un emisor BIRT personalizado: ¿Cómo obtener el ancho y el alto de una celda, tabla o cuadrícula?

estoy implementando a custom Birt emitter and i need to know the anchura y altura of a cell, table or grid in pixels or points. The issue ocurrs if the measures are not explicitly set in the Report Designer.

I tried to get these infos by calling cellContent.getWidth() y la cellContent.getComputedStyle().getWidth(). The first one returns null, the second one throws a "createUnsupportedPropertyException" exception.

Estoy utilizando Birt 2.6.

Can anyone give me a hint how to get this done?


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This is probably not the answer you would like to hear, but...

I once tried to understand how the page-oriented emitters actually work at all (see below).

The source code doesn't help much in this regard, it's just too complicated to understand it - in particular, in comparison to other libraries like e.g. ReportLab.

And I wasn't able to find any documentation in the Internet describing the layout algorithm.

My guess is that - apart from a few developers working for Actuate - nobody is able to implement a custom page-oriented emitter.

What I was trying to achieve then was: render a grid at the fondo of the last page. Sounds easy? Well, I gave up.

Something I fue able to do: Avoid some unnecessary nested tables in the WordEmitter output.

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