Análisis de JSON no válido [cerrado]

What happens if I use JSON.parse on an invalid string? Will it return an error code, or just break the script?

Is the behavior consistent across browsers? And for older browsers, does json2.js also have the same behavior?

Context: my script is collecting JSON strings from different sources and parses them. If a string is not well formed, I want my script to ignore it and move to the next.

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What language & library are you using? -

This can be answered very quickly by leyendo el manual -

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It will throw an error for any invalid syntax. If the JSON you're parsing can be malformed, use try/catch:

try {
  obj = JSON.parse(x)
} catch(e) {
  obj = {}

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It will throw a catchable error. On proper browsers, es un SyntaxError. JSON2's implementation refleja esto.

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