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My Swing Application's GUI is built using Window Builder Pro GUI editor. Layouts used are MigLayout y la AbsoluteLayout. Application is developed using Windows Machine, So UI is well aligned and neat in Windows, but when I run the same application in Mac OS X, Application's Frame couldn't accommodate the components inside its bounds. I mean, size of Components inside the frame changes across platforms. When I give extra space(Increased frame bounds), it looks nice in Mac but weird in Windows. ¿Hay alguna forma de tener Frame or Panel to grow with respect to its contents or Components.

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Don't use the absolute layout. Layout managers are used precisely to avoid the kind of problems that you're facing.

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+1, Exactly, seems like you just stole my answer, hehe just kidding :-) Regards - cOw nIcE

¿Qué tal MigLayout? I have used it everywhere. Are they similar to Absolute Layout? - Avergonzado

If it suits your needs, go with it. It's a well-known layout manager. - JB Nizet

Asumiendo que usaste AbsoluteLayout because none of the existing layout managers suited your needs,

Echa un vistazo a Creación de un administrador de diseño personalizado and use one instead of AbsoluteLayout.(Before that make sure none of the present layout managers suit your need)

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