CLI / Testing: lenguaje para probar interfaces de línea de comandos

What is the best (probably, scripting) language for testing command line interfaces (CLI) ? I tried esperar, but it is not object oriented and therefore it is not too convenient for testing multiple connections simultaneously. Tests should be run on Linux and Windows platforms.

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I've been having great success at using VBScript / JScript (via Windows Script Host) as a unit testing harness for both console applications and ActiveX COM objects. Then, the moment there are interactive elements, I scale to HTML Applications (via MSHTA).

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VBScript is not sutable for testing from Linux. Another requirement is to support multiple connections. Example - imagine that you wand to test two connected networking devices (e.g. routers). - NMI

Any modern portable script languge is fine, you may take a look at Outthentic testing framework, it works both for windows and Linux platforms and designed to test cli applications. Using the framework, you can write your tests on the language of your choice - Perl, Python, Ruby, Bash.

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