Reducir un parcial de Joda-Time

What's the best way to construct a partial from another partial which conains all the necessary fields (e.g. YearMonth desde LocalDate? One way I can see is to convert to a full instant and back, that is

YearMonth ld2ym(LocalDate ld) {
    return new YearMonth(ld.toDateTime(;

but it seems like a more efficient way should be possible.

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Don't really get the thing. Isn't is easier just to do: LocalDate ld = new LocalDate(); YearMonth ym = new YearMonth(ld); -

@Kennet This is shorter, but will end up doing the same work, so far as I can tell. -

Yes, so your method wolud look like YearMonth ld2ym(LocalDate ld) { return new YearMonth(ld); } So why are you using -

@Kennet Because this version makes the inefficiency more obvious. -

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Sobre el YearMonth class we can find this method which seems to give the appropriate solution:

 * Parses a {@code YearMonth} from the specified string using a formatter.
 * @param str  the string to parse, not null
 * @param formatter  the formatter to use, not null
 * @since 2.0
public static YearMonth parse(String str, DateTimeFormatter formatter) {
    LocalDate date = formatter.parseLocalDate(str);
    return new YearMonth(date.getYear(), date.getMonthOfYear());

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