Empujando un repositorio a mi repositorio remoto de git fallando con una tubería rota

I am using eclipse Egit plugin. we have a repository to maintain all the libraries we use. So today i got to commit and push some 50 libraries files along with their sources into our remote repository (we have a server hosting our code base)

when i tried pushing i get following error. we use ssh for pushing and fetching contents from remote repository (not http).

error: file write error (Disk quota exceeded)9 MiB/s   
fatal: unable to write sha1 file
error: pack-objects died of signal 13

can some some explain why this was happening. did we miss setting some paramaters on server regarding some size limits for file content.

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What OS/VM/filesystem are you using? This blog post is an example of uno potential cause: samixblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/… -

Server: Ubuntu 10.10 Client: Ubuntu 11.10 -

I just now did "git gc" on the remote repository. and then push from local passed. but i could not understand why this worked. -

git fc must have diminish the size of the repo, allowing the git user to get more free space, under the quota. -

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That should be a limitation on the Server OS (your Ubuntu 11.10), and you need to check if quotas have been activated (they aren't on by default).

Este patrón de artículo explains how quotas are managed.
And check if the quota is coherent with what your git user n the server is actually using, as mentioned in esta pregunta.

 quota -su git
 # versus
 du -sh ~git

Si no, un quotacheck esta en orden.

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