cuadro de texto con idioma árabe

I have a problem with a textbox. the problem is that I initialized the property

textBox1.RightToLeft = RightToLeft.Yes;

and when I typed arabic characters it types correctly but the problem if I type the following string

66/ج ح /


the number 96 after the / but the editor doesn't allow to write it that way so when I read it it change its characters like this :

ج ح/66/96

preguntado el 31 de enero de 12 a las 08:01

Is this a Windows Forms textbox, ASP.NET, or what other kind? -

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 var LRM = ((char)0x200E).ToString();
 lbldate.Text = ddlTrnNoYears.SelectedItem.Text+'/' + LRM + ddlTrainingMonth.SelectedItem.Text + LRM +'/'+ddlTrainingDay.SelectedItem.Text;



respondido 13 mar '16, 00:03

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