Transiciones de presentación de diapositivas y Android

I am trying to write a simple slideshow with various transitions between images. I would like to have various transitions like fade in, fade out, slide left/right which could probably be done with android's API Animation. But I would also like to have more complex transitions like checkerboard left/right, box in/out, circle in/out, curtain, spiral, split horizontal, and so on which I believe can't be done with Animation.

I know that names of transitions like I named them above are not enough to know exactly how the transitions should look like, but I think you get the general idea.

So, my question is:what should be used to achieve those effects/transitions? I am not asking for the code (though some links to examples would be great of course), but more generally what should I be using? OpenGL? Regions? Clip Paths? BitmapShaders?

I just don't feel like spending a week investigating this, when I am sure you guys know the answer ;)

If possible I would like to avoid OpenGL since I haven't used it. On Android 3.0+ devices I will use hardwareAcceleration="true" in Manifest, and on devices less than 3.0 I could limit to simple slide in/out, fade in/out if necessary (read: if other transitions would be too slow not using openGL).

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Thanks, but the way I see it both of these are animating basic properties like rotation, size, scale....with property animation being more powerful. What I need is to animating transition between two Bitmaps, in a way that pixels change in some "unusual" way, for's a link to some transitions to get a better idea:… - gorann

@gorann how to use it in android? - Mayur R. Amipara

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