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I am looking for a list of JVM wide system parameters. These could be set by calling System.setProperty or by calling a static method defined in the Platform. The purpose is to have a list of method calls that should be avoided from applications running in a container. Because those methods change a system wide parameter, they could have unpredictable effects on other applications. This could be enforced by setting appropriate permissions at runtime or having findbug rules at build time.

As a start, I have:


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The timezone, locale and system properties you mention are static variables and not scoped by the JVM, but rather by the Clase object representing the containing class.

Clase objects are scoped by the ClassLoader which loaded it.

This is for example how a servlet container like Tomcat can have multiple web-services running in the same JVM but with different default timezone and locale.

Take a look at Tomcat's class loader how-to:

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