Clozure CL en Android

CCL is now working on my Android and I have some questions.

  1. I transferred Android-headers to the device and tried to run rebuild-ccl: Error: File #P"ccl:lib;systems.lisp.newest" not found. Sources needed?

  2. I ran the following code. (do-external-symbols (s (find-package "ARM-ANDROID")) (print s))

And the output list is empty. Situation will change after a rebuilding CCL?

  1. Is it possible to using android's graphic and other (java)libraries with ccl now?

  2. In that compiles aarmc as a result?

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Please check your spelling and rethink your sentences since this is kind of messed up. -

I propose to use the CCL mailing list for such a specific question. All the experts are there. -

I formatted message and sent to mailing-list. My knowledge of English is not great, I'm sorry. -

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