Netbeans solo tiene autocompletado parcial de jQuery

I just downloaded netbeans 7.1 (PHP) to develop javascript. Autocompletion is working across the javascript files in the project, and jQuery is supported - somewhat.

If I type "$.is" I get the following options:

Partial jQuery autocompletion

Note the missing "isArray", "isNumeric", etc, etc...

The javascript settings in Netbeans: Javascript settings

Question: "What am I missing?"

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I think that you're a little confused in what is jquery-specific and simple javascript functions like isarray, isnumeric etc.

Respondido el 31 de enero de 12 a las 17:01

I donth think so. As shown in the screenshot I access the jQuery object $, so those methods should be autocompleted. See i.e. - Thomas

For clearity, see - this shows some of the exposed functions - Thomas

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