asp net 2.0 EnableEventValidation = Falso

This isn't so much a question as to more of a quick tip on some issues I had with my GridView export to Excel..

So I was having the problem that when I exported a GridView to excel spreadsheet, the spreadsheet was essentially blank however strangely enough a couple fields were filled with a tad bit of html (<div>, </div>).. I couldn't really figure out why that was happening but I stumbled upon a link which fixed my issue:

So for my solution I just added the EnableEventValidation=False in the top of my form and I neglected to add the bit of Me.EnableViewState = False in the behind code. This worked for whatever reason..

Question: Could someone explain what the heck is going on? I feel like every time I get something working with it feels like I am mostly just exploiting bugs in the framework to get code working as opposed to using a logical flow like other frameworks I've used.. I still don't understand how something like this can just 'magically' work now and I have know understanding of the reasons why.

It's like if I were to program: A is in B and B is in C.. Therefore A is in C.

Case 1: RoR: Ok, A is in C, your right mr. programmer, I get it. Me: Yay, ok on the the next task..

Case 2: Must set inheritor for object C.. see stacktrace...etc Me: oh.. hmm ok I'll google that error:.. 45 min later.. Oh here is something weird that doesn't contain any useful docs... I'll try that. Oh it works! Yaay, but lame. I dun get it.

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have you checked documentaion before ??… -

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