¿Por qué git dice que un subproyecto está sucio si no tengo ningún submódulo en mi repositorio?

Its a new git repository and all I've done is added a whole lot of code to it. However, it tells me:

+Subproject commit 62402f4a7e3aa34a5f22532c8c699836b7ae4967-dirty

Basado en esta pregunta, this seems to imply that this has something to do with sub modules and is to be expected if you have sub modules.

However, I do not have any. Why am I getting this message and how do I get of it?

preguntado el 01 de febrero de 12 a las 01:02

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Make sure there aren't some unintended .git folders in subdirectories of your repo.

Respondido 01 Feb 12, 05:02

Thank you! That was it. I deleted the .git folder and my working directory is now clean. - Carl

@carleeto you do mean .git from a subdirectory and not root right? - manojlds

I would, if the site would let me. Apparently, I need to wait 6 minutes :) - Carl

Yeah. The .git folder inside the subdirectory. - Carl

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