¿Cómo obtengo GCC en OS X Lion?

I recently bought a new Mac and did a time machine restore of my old mac & updated the xCode version to the latest version. After the move I have lost the ability to use Make and GCC; saying these commands are unavailable. I use Make and GCC to develop for homework assignments for classes that I later SCP up to a Linux box at school then run from there.

How do I get GCC and Make for Mac OS Lion? I've seen some articles on how to install via source via compiling but they automatically assume you have GCC installed, which I do not.

Por favor, ayuda!

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gcc should be in /Developer/usr/bin/. Check there.

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Doing a LS, shows me it's located there, but how do I get the terminal to recognize the command GCC without navigation to /Developer/usr/bin - Snow_Mac

You should be able to add it to PATH: export PATH=/Developer/usr/bin:$PATH - Thilo

  1. You have to download Xcode from the app store
  2. You have to run the Install Xcode application
  3. Within Xcode go to Preferencias -> Documentos para descargar y haga clic instalar for the command line tools

You'll find the tools at the usual place, for example /usr/bin/make.

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You can access the App Store and download XCode. It's free. It will give you llvm (compiler), make and related tools.

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Unfortunately justing updating the path (which I found not in any /Developer but actually in /Applications/Xcode.app) doesn't solve other issues like missing manpages. Apple has released a new developer download for command line developer tools. Either go directly to Apple's developer page, for find a little more info and the link aquí.

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