Instalación de Net :: Pcap Mac OS X (dependencia sql ninja)

So, i'm trying to install Net::Pcap, i'm always receiving the same error, i think it's related with the fact that my network device is not capturing packets:

I'm really stuck, searched google and found nothing at all.

Please, give me an hint here, really going nuts :(

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Are you installing this under root or under your regular user? I believe on OS X you need access to a bunch of special files for libpcap to work, and regular users don't have it by default. -

I am trying to install under root (using sudo su) :( Tried several versions of Pcap -

You could do a force install (cpan -e shell; force install Net::Pcap) as it seems to be mostly working. -

Couldn't make that command line to be recognized, tried this one: perl -MCPAN -e "CPAN::Shell->force(qw(install Net::Pcap));" Still no success :( -

Seems like Sql Ninja is not requesting more the Pcap dependency, probably is installed. If i get any problems with Sql Ninja at the end due to a bad installation of Cpan, i'll just quit trying to use this tool -

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You should be able to take this 100% and run your sqlninja. And also, just upgrading your pearl, then all should work fine

sudo cpan
cpan[1]> upgrade  

Just this and your pearl has no dependencies

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