Android: ¿cambiar dinámicamente el icono de ActionBar?

I would like to dynamically change the "home" icon in the ActionBar. This is easily done in v14 with ActionBar.setIcon(...), but I can't find anyway to accomplish this in previous versions.

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Does anything happen when you call setIcon? And if you're trying to accomplish things in anything pre-Honeycomb, you should take a look at ActionBarSherlock. -

I am using a customized ActionBar-esque component for pre-v11 (similar to ActionBarSherlock). This is for v11-v13 (honeycomb). When I call setIcon in honeycomb, I get a methodnotfound exception. -

setIcon is only available in API levels >= 14 -

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If your actionbar works like Sherlock and is based on menu items, this is my solution:

public boolean onPrepareOptionsMenu(Menu menu) {
    MenuItem switchButton = menu.findItem(;     
    return super.onPrepareOptionsMenu(menu);


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well, for honeycomb I use the actionbar provided by the sdk. so, I'm trying to find a honeycomb equivalent of the ActionBar.setIcon() method provided in v14. - ab11

Thanks for this great snippet - been looking for this for a while! - aaronsnoswell

it works for all items. But I get a crash with nullpointer exception if I use it for the home icon ( - tobias

Si está utilizando el ActionbarCompat code provided by google, you can access the home icon via the class for API v4 onwards.

    //code snippet from
    private void setupActionBar() {
    final ViewGroup actionBarCompat = getActionBarCompat();
    if (actionBarCompat == null) {

    LinearLayout.LayoutParams springLayoutParams = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(
            0, ViewGroup.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT);
    springLayoutParams.weight = 1;

    // Add Home button
    SimpleMenu tempMenu = new SimpleMenu(mActivity);
    SimpleMenuItem homeItem = new SimpleMenuItem(tempMenu,
  , 0, mActivity.getString(R.string.app_name));

    // Add title text
    TextView titleText = new TextView(mActivity, null,

You should be able to modify the code to the home button accessible to the activities that extend ActionBarActivity and change it that way.

Honeycomb seems a little harder and it doesn't seem to give such easy access. At a guess, its id should also be so you may be able to pull that from the view in

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¡Si! Gracias. Activity.findViewById( obras. - ab11

I would say you do something like this :


ver el enlace How to change the icon actionBarCompat

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The ActionBar will use the android:logo attribute of your manifest, if one is provided. That lets you use separate drawable resources for the icon (Launcher) and the logo (ActionBar, among other things).

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