Interpretación del mensaje de error del analizador de extracción

I am seeing the following error message in my tomcat logs. I'm not sure what it means. Can someone help with interpretation:

org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: entity reference names can not start with character ' ' (position: START_TAG seen ...</DID><TOKEN>d & ... @1:8134)



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What's at the line in the XML file the error message points to? (Seems like it should be line 1 character 8134 or vice versa.) That said, my bet is the XML file it's parsing is just invalid in that ampersands in the text aren't escaped with &amp; -

Also, if the XML parsing code is yours, you might want to replace XmlPull with StAX, since it's actually getting updates as part of the JDK. -

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Someone is sending improperly escaped (and therefore invalid) XML. Unless its in a CDATA section, and amperand must be the start character in an entity reference. Based on the error message it looks like there's an unescaped ampersand followed by a space. The correct way to represent this in the XML is &amp;

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