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I am trying to setup a private nuget server in my company, and there will be different group of people using it.

I noticed that there is an entry in web.config to set a shared API key for publishing an package.

Is there a way of setting up different api keys for every user? Thanks.

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The easiest way of creating API keys is to ask each user to register themselves via the web front-end.

The instructions are basically those here: although of course the users will use an internal URL, not

Less work for you, and users get an introduction to NuGet Gallery!

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If you want to have API keys for each user like the public NuGet gallery does, you'll need to run your own internal Galería de NuGet. The instructions in NuGet's documentation has a walkthrough of getting this set up. It uses Orchard for the gallery.

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Just FYI, you could also save yourself the trouble and get you a private MyGet feed using one of the 3 subscription based plans (or the cheap Plan de empresa might sound useful to you). MyGet by default gives every user his own personal API key. There's also a free public plan.

MyGet user-specific API key

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