Redireccionamiento de URL: agregar al final del enlace

I am using Glassfish V3

I currently have users that access my application using

I want it so that if the user doesn't put the workbench part that they are directed to it


'' --> ''

'' (this shouldn't redirect

'' (this shouldn't redirect)

I have tried using redirct_n but it hasn't solved the problem; as I did this:

redirect_1 from=/my-app url=

for obvious reasons this creates an infinite loop

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this approach probably isn't working for you. It's meant for status and error pages (e.g. 40x). If you need more complex rules I suggest looking into any of these solutions: + URL Rewriting from your app With a little help from the apps around (e.g., + Apache mod_proxy and mod_rewrite

Rgds, Markus

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Hi, i encountered this issue as well but my Web Server is using Apache Web Server 2.2 in server A and using Glassfish 3.1.2 as Apps Server in Server B. Is there any work around for my situation? As i understand from the solution given, it's more suitable to single box for Web and Apps server instead of different box and tools.. - jc88

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