¿Cómo representar el tamaño / escala con cuadrículas en Matlab?

I have a figure that has 100 x 100 cells with associated length size of 20m x 100m for the total number of cells, respectively. I tried to plot the similar figure in Matlab, however, I could not plot the associated size i.e. 20m X 100m with the gridded data. I used the following code line to plot the gridded data in Matlab.


The Figure 1 plotted using Matlab looks like this:

Figura 1: enter image description here

How can I depict the size/scale of 20m x 100m in Figure 1? By size/scale, I do not mean putting co-ordinates on X and Y axis. Thanks.

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Puede utilizar el x y y argumento en IMAGESC al igual que:

imagesc([1 100],[1 20],variable)
axis equal
axis tight

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I want to include the actual scale of 100:20 (x:y) on the Figure 2, just as Figure 1. I am not much concerned about showing x and y labels per se. - user238469

@S_H: sorry, forgot two lines in my solution. - Jonas

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