Twitter Bootstrap: border-radius: 0 \ 0 /;

In the newest release of Bootstrap de Twitter (2.0) I came across this line:

border-radius: 0 \0/;

What does the \0/ do? Is the some obscure css trick or simply a typo?

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Al parecer, el \0/ is a construct that IE 9 ignores, but other browsers don't, so this line's there to set border-radius to 0 for IE 9 only.

The Twitter Bootstrap developers left a comment in their sass source (although, the accompanying cometer mensaje isn't exactly self-assured):

border-radius: 0 e("\0/"); // Nuke border-radius for IE9 only

Paul Irish's fairly exhaustive list of CSS browser hacks Eso dice \0/ after an attribute is a hack that targets IE 8 and 9.

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