¿Cómo lleno una matriz 2D con ruido Perlin?

I've devised a small personal project to help me learn how to use Perlin Noise. This project involves filling a 2D array of r filas y c columns with random, coherent data generated with a Perlin Noise algorithm.

Now, I've just spent hours reading a wide variety of resources about generating Perlin Noise. However, it's all over my head and I'm totally lost. I understand the basic concept, but I don't have a clue how to begin implementing this in Java. I think it would be most helpful if someone could show me some well-commented code that accomplishes my goal so I can work backwards and apply it myself.

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A similar question was asked here that I found useful stackoverflow.com/questions/5531019/perlin-noise-in-java And here's an old Java applet example complete with source code I found dzzd.net/demo/PERLINSample -

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Si quieres una perfectamente documented implementation, check out este. You can download the código fuente y abierto src\java\org\j3d\texture\procedural\PerlinNoiseGenerator.java to get your commented code. I take no credit for any of this. All I did was hunt around on Google a bit.

Since it's licensed under LGLPL, I'll also provide a enlace directo to it. (If I'm mistaken about what LGLPL means and my ability to do this, please notify me.)

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Check out the accepted answer. Ruido Perlin en Java . I am pretty sure this is exactly what you want to do. Just tweak the roughness variable and what is added whenever nextFloat() is called an you got yourself a filled 2d array of Perlin noise.

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Processing provides a Perlin noise generator.

Documentación de referencia

Código fuente busca el noise(...) method(s)

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Processing != Java - b1nary.atr0phy

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