cómo representar la extensión del archivo en StringCbCatN () [duplicado]

Here is the piece of code which display all files in the folder.

StringCbCopyN (DirSpec, BUFSIZE, argv[1], length_of_arg+1); 
StringCbCatN (DirSpec, BUFSIZE, "\\*", 3); //this is the exact line to display all the files in folderNow i want to select all .b11 extension files in console window.

I tired these below thingd which couldnt work for me.Kindly give me any idea or suggestion to select these extension files.

StringCbCatN (DirSpec, BUFSIZE, "\*.b11", 3); 

StringCbCatN (DirSpec, BUFSIZE, "*.b11", 3);
StringCbCatN (DirSpec, BUFSIZE, "\\.b11", 3);

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Haven't you searched on Net ? -

"but still get the errors." What errors? -

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hari, I already told you that to use TCHAR strings, you should be using the functions in #include <strsafe.h>.

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VC2008 supports strcpy(), strcat(), etc; they are declared in "string.h".

It debemos trabajo.

Q: Could you please cut/paste the following:

1) an instance of where you're using "strcpy()" in your code?

2) the exact error message (which should correspond to the line you cut/pasted above)

Gracias de antemano


I happen to have VS2008 installed on my laptop, and verified strcpy() and friends work just fine:

#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>

main (int argc, char *argv[])
  char *hello = "Hello world";
  char s[80];
  strcpy (s, hello);
  printf ("%s\n", s);
  return 0;


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