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In my application, I'm using auto renewable subscription. But apple rejected the app saying that, i've to use non-renewable subscription. I changed the corresponding things in itunes connect. but the problem is that how can I get the expiry date of the non-renewable subscription after making a purchase. do I have to do it manually by adding the number of days to current date and calculate it?

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We have to monitor it manually with in the code.

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do u knowImplementing Non -Renewable subscriptions Using mkstorekit are they same as consumable products(in implementation)? - pirata informático

or can we have the same approach as a nonconsumable product,ie purchase it then calculate the expdate and store it in our server and check the exp date and show the purchase button again is it right? - pirata informático

No you cannot handle it similar. When you subscribe a product, you will get the receipt which has some additional parameters to track back the purchases. This has to be handled on the server. You need to generate a secret key kind of thing on the server when registering the products to the app in - Satyam

i am using mkstorekit,in that i am adding this as subscriptions,and when the purchase occurs i am calling a webservice and giving the purchase date and all details to that, there it will store it on ur details that we have already then calculating an exp status,and returning it and according to that i am showing the view is it right - pirata informático

how are you calculating the "expiry" date? - Satyam

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