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I've set up a WordPress blog of mine and added a Facebook share button at the right sidebar, it's working but not showing the thumbnail image. I want to show only my default image as a thumbnail instead of my featured images. How can I set up a static (only my logo) thumbnail image for the share button ? I can see the meta og:image tag and it varies with articles but I want only my logo to be posted. Can anyone help me ? Thanks in advance. Here is the url of my site-

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When I lint your site:

It shows that you have coded the og meta tags correctly.

Actualmente tu og:image establecido en

If you want to change this, change the meta tag's content parameter to something else.

Here's what the complete meta tag currently looks like:

<meta property="og:image" content="" />


Actually the problem was image itself. Everything was fine but the image was smaller than 200px and Facebook didn't allow it. So increasing of the size of og imagen a 200px the image would be showed up.

All the images referenced by og:image must be at least 200px in both dimensions.

Another ansower on SO.

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Thanks for your response. I know that and I used lint too but I want to use this image to be used with share button always but it doesn't show the image at all and when I navigate to any particular article (using single.php), it uses the featured image and it's logically right but I always want to use my logo only with share button. Can you advise what to do. Thanks again! - El alfa

What is a URL to one of your single.php pages you have a question about? What does it lint to? What are the og tags being served down for that single.php? - DMCS

I think you are confused. Basically og image changes with pages and articles. When I go to e.g. article one, og image uses article one's featured image, when I open e.g. article two, og image uses article two's featured image but I want for my share button to use only one image always not the og image that changes by pages/articles. How can I tell the share button to use hit.png (my logo) always. Hope it's clear now. Thanks! - El alfa

The og tag controls what image the like/send button will use to share. You will need to change the og:image tag on each single.php page to be the hit.png. - DMCS

I've got my solution. The problem was the image itself, size was to small and Facebook doesn't allow that, even Google's plus one button was not working properly but everything is now fine. Now share and plus one both have fixed images (my logo) even when on the single.php and other buttons use featured image. thanks, anyway! - El alfa

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