¿Qué significa exactamente IKB?

I have a question which goes as:

IKB es igual a:

(a) 1k bytes (b) 1024 bytes (c) 210 bytes (d) none of these

The answer says (b), but I haven't heard of this before, so my question is what exactly is IKB?

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I question paper says IKB, I just rechecked. -

I think that should be a 1, otherwise this would not make a lot of sense -

That's weird because the answers indicate 1 instead of I -

The answers are assuming the question has a typo. -

IKB seems to be a typo of KiB, which means kibibyte. 1 kibibyte = 1024 bytes. -

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with thanks to kilobyte

If you do a quick google, you will find a lot of explanations,

algo como Bits and Bytes : An Explanation

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Uncle Fester - I wish I could give you MORE than just +1. Lots more! - paulsm4

I would probably rather ask one of the exameners to verify if it is "IKB, lKB or 1KB" to ensure you dont miss some easy marks - Adriaan Stander

This is almost certainly supposed to read “1KB” or 1 kilobyte, which is usually taken to mean 1024 bytes rather 1000 bytes.

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StackOverflow tags are pretty complete and yet when you type in IKB as a tag you get nothing. Kinda supports the 1 over I answer - gritos

"1kb" == "1 kilobyte" == 1024 bytes

"IKB" doesn't mean any of these things.

So I guess "d)" is the answer.

Can you say "Trick Question"? ;)

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kilobyte (kB)   10^3        kibibyte (KiB)  2^10 = 1.024 × 103
megabyte (MB)   10^6        mebibyte (MiB)  2^20 ≈ 1.049 × 106
gigabyte (GB)   10^9        gibibyte (GiB)  2^30 ≈ 1.074 × 109
terabyte (TB)   10^12       tebibyte (TiB)  2^40 ≈ 1.100 × 1012
petabyte (PB)   10^15       pebibyte (PiB)  2^50 ≈ 1.126 × 1015
exabyte (EB)    10^18       exbibyte (EiB)  2^60 ≈ 1.153 × 1018
zettabyte (ZB)  10^21       zebibyte (ZiB)  2^70 ≈ 1.181 × 1021
yottabyte (YB)  10^24       yobibyte (YiB)  2^80 ≈ 1.209 × 102

This is all SI decimal prefixes(left)and EC binary prefixes(right)

as you can see not one of them used "lkb" so it must be a typo

Fuente: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilobyte

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I hope they adopt the proposal for the "hella" prefix. I just want the opportunity to talk about "hellabytes". - StriplingGuerrero

That may be the standard, but very few use it. Everyone in ECE means 1024 bytes when they say 1KB, and 1024KB when they say 1MB. It's as if that standard was written by disk drive manufacturers. - atún rojo

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