¿Cómo realizar la revisión ortográfica y gramatical en Powerpoint usando VBA?

How do I launch the spell check and grammar check using VBA, such that misspelt words get highlighted in each shape (Text Area) in each slide?

I am creating a log which records spelling mistakes.

Sending text to Word for spell check is not an option because text format may differ.

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@Jean-François Corbett Its ok if it do not correct misspelled words. But atleast it should catch the misspelled words & highlight it. -

@Jean-François Corbett : ya but i wanted to do it using vba. As i am creating a log which includes this spell mistakes. Even if i found the slide no in which misspell words. then also i am ok with it. -

If you're just looking to log misspelled words (rather than correcting them), why does the formatting matter? You can call Word's spell checker in a couple of ways; one invokes the Word spellcheck interface, another simply tells you whether a given word is right or wrong, as I recall, or it passes back suggestions; in either case, you'd be able to tell whether the word's spelled correctly. Or at least whether Word thinks it is. -

ok let me try. But thanks for the suggestion -

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I was looking into this as well. I am running the VBA in Excel 2007 on a Powerpoint 2007 presentation. The best thing I figured out so far is initiating spell check using:

    SendKeys "{F7}", True

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if the powerpoint is stored in pptx the spell checking information is part of the saved XML so one way to do it would be running thourgh the XML

e.g a section like the one below has an error

<a:rPr dirty="0" smtClean="0" err="1"

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