Posible (s) forma (s) de iniciar un hilo sin bloqueo que permanece activo

What would be possible way(s) to start non-blocking thread which then runs a few System.Timers.Timer based tasks? Working on writing this code a non-UI library. I have seen similar questions and the advice on them have been to convert the library into Windows Service - not sure if that is an option for me.

P.ej, Process.Start() would implement non-blocking thread which instantiates and executes Timers based functions.

public void Start()
   Timer t1 = new Timer(10000);
   Timer t2 = new Timer(15000);
   t1.Elapsed += new ElapsedEventHandler(T1Task);
   t2.Elapsed += new ElapsedEventHandler(T2Task);
   t1.Enabled = true;
   t2.Enabled = true;

   // the following is blocking, of course 
   while (true)

In code above, if the library call is invoked via WinForm, the GUI would obviously block.

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Just use System.Threading.Timer. It's non blocking and fires events on a non-UI thread.

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