Sharepoint 2010 HTTP 500 El sitio web no puede mostrar la página

I created an aspx page in the _layouts folder just to test it and when I try to view it in the browser I get the following error:

El sitio web no puede mostrar la página

HTTP 500

Causas más probables: • El sitio web está en mantenimiento. • El sitio web tiene un error de programación.

I have been looking on the web for a solution but nothing is helping so far.

This is what I have done so far based on the sugestions on the web:

  • i don't see any message when I disable the Show Friendly Error Message.
  • restablecer IIS
  • Nothing descriptive in the Event Viewer
  • Reinstalled SharePoint

The site itself is working fine.

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When you say created an aspx in the _layouts folder, did you create a Layout Page using the Layouts Content Type and deploy to the folder or just create an aspx page (notepad style) and move it to the folder? (this type wont work and will give a 500 error) -

Hi Paul, I created a new website in visual studio and placed it in the _layouts folder. I am not using it as a SharePoint Mapped Folder. VS created a folder called Test with the aspx page in it. So the Url looks something like this: sp2010/_layouts/test/default.aspx. It did work last time when I tried but today it is not. And this works in our development machine, but for some reason is not working in my virtual machine. -

try to run it without the admin priviliges in your dev machine. Think it will not work. The aspx page you put in the layouts may create an security exception. -

Hi any updates for this issue ... i tried same here...but getting your mentioned issue -

Can you try it on a different web application? Let me know what happens. -

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