Seleccione de una tabla que usa una ruta materializada para codificar un árbol, ordenado por profundidad primero (no recursivo / ltree)

I have a table in a relational database, in which I encode a tree using the technique known as Materialized path (also known as Lineage column). That is, for each node in my tree I have a row in the table, and for each row I have a string column named ancestry where I store the path from the root node to the node represented by this row.

Is it possible, and if yes - how, to select the rows in the table orderd by preorder, that is they should appear in the result set in the order that would result by visiting the tree profundidad primero. I use MySQL - so no recursive queries and no ltree extension.

For example, a tree, it's table, and selected ordered by preorder:

 1        SELECT * FROM nodes   SELECT * FROM nodes ORDER BY ?depth_first_visit_order?
| \       id | ancestry         id | ancestry
2   3     -------------         -------------
|  | \    1  | NULL             1  | NULL           NOTE: I don't care about the
4  5  6   2  | 1                2  | 1                    order of siblings!
   |      3  | 1                4  | 1/2
   7      4  | 1/2              3  | 1
          5  | 1/3              5  | 1/3
          6  | 1/3              7  | 1/3/5
          7  | 1/3/5            6  | 1/3

Note: I am interested explicitly in doing this over a materialized path encoding!
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I believe what you want is an alphabetic sort.

SELECT id, ancestry, ancestry + '/' + CAST(id as nvarchar(10)) AS PathEnumeration
FROM nodes

I don't really remember how MySQL concatenates, but I'm sure my meaning is clear.


Note that it is an alphabetic sort, so 11 will show up before 2. But, you said you didn't care about sibling ordering. I, of course, would rewrite it as a nested set ;)

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I will probably rewrite it as a nested set since I have many short trees. Thing is my data already is "materialized path" encoded naturally (domain names to be precise a.b.c). I'll have to ponder on this for a while because I'm not quite sure it works yet, in the general case. - clyfe

this will order by the last number of your "ancestry"

select *, 
Substring(ancestry,LEN(ancestry) - Charindex('/',Reverse(ancestry))+2, LEN(ancestry)) as END_CHAR
from nodes
order by END_CHAR desc

I didn't try with numbers bigger that 9, you may have to cast to int

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Sorry, just realized this doesn’t answer your question, I misunderstood it. Ill leave the query, it may give you some idea. - Diego

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