¿Existe una joya rubí que difiera entre los documentos HTML?

Doing a diff of two different html documents turns out to be an entirely different problem than simply doing a diff of plain text. For example, if I do a naive LCS diff between:


y la


the diff result is NOT:




I've tried most gems out there that claim to be html diff but all of them seem to be just implementing text based LCS diff. Is there any gem that does a diff while taking html tags into account?

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I don't know of any, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist. It would be interesting to create such a gem, using Nokogiri to generate comparable element trees and do a tree-based diff. Try searching the official gem repo at rubygems.org -

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Both of these only support diffing plain text and outputting HTML diffs, not diffing HTML and outputting HTML. - Ruxton

@ruxton did you end up finding what you were looking for? - Richardsondx

@Richardsondx I don't recall what, but I do recall it being the most annoying part of the system I was working on. - Ruxton

@Ruxton not true anymore, Diffy works well with html! - Ulysse BN

After much searching for a gem to do this for me, I discovered that I can simply do a string compare between two parsed Nokogiri documents:

def should_match_html(html_text1, html_text2)
  dom1 = Nokogiri::HTML(html_text1)
  dom2 = Nokogiri::HTML(html_text2)
  dom1.to_s.should == dom2.to_s

Then you can simply add this in your spec:

should_match_html expected_html, actual_html

The best part is that the built-in rspec matcher will automatically provide you a line-by-line diff result of the mismatched lines.

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