Migre por lotes los correos electrónicos de GroupWise a Outlook

I am moving from GroupWise to Outlook 2010...

I am wanting to move all my emails from GroupWise to outlook...

I have forwarded the emails on to my outlook 2010 inbox folder Received.

The problem I have is the original email has been sent as an attachment not as a forward on! so what i have to do is:

  1. Extract the attachment and save the email on to my computer drive F:\GWEmails
  2. Then drag the email back into my inbox!

its a little tedious when you have over 1000 emails!

What can I do to simplify the process?

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There are some notes here wiki.lessthandot.com/index.php/Save_Outlook_Emails eso puede ayudar. -

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There are some examples of VBA code saving Outlook emails at http://wiki.lessthandot.com/index.php/Save_Outlook_Emails eso puede ayudar.

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Bringing Remou's comment down as an answer. - Mu Mind

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