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Currently I'm creating a new website for a customer. The designer thought about some sort of slider / caroussel which I need to create using JavaScript. A similar slider / carousel which looks like the slider allmost exactly can be found here. See: (click on a car and see the slider)

My question is, is there a jQuery plugin which I can use and is easy to install.

¡Gracias a todos por su ayuda!


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Nivo Slider is awesome. If you are using ASP.NET I have a custom server control which does all the javascript for you through Visual Studio IDE. -

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The demo looks alot like the one you provided. Coverflow-ish

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Hi, thank you all for the tips. I used this one and worked fine. The effect is not 100% similar, but good enough :) I also added a shadowbox for a nice view of all the images. - Blaater

Nivo Slider is pretty cool, and easy to use.

O puede utilizar JCarousel is closer to what you need

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Yup Nivo Slider is awesome - I also took the time to create a custom server control for that makes it easy as 1,2,3 to add to page (with every config option available also) - Paul Sullivan has a ton of options. It's heavy though. jCarouselLite is an alternative if you only need a few options. The one you presented is very simple.

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Echa un vistazo aquí:

That's a nice collection of 3d image galleries which you can download and use yourself quite easily

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