El mejor algoritmo de criptografía para conjuntos de datos cortos en Android [cerrado]

What is the best crypto algorithm (i.e. hardest to crack) to use when one has to encrypt short portions of data such as numeric (integer, long) for the Android platform ? I am looking for an encryption algorithm implemented on all phones using Android 1.6 and up and some implementation tutorial in Java preferably. Thanks.

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what's the life span of those integers? if short you can use DES, maybe AES. Have you looked at RSA? -

These are the available algorithms on my phones: [link]mediafire.com/?w5os6v2qq4g99u7[/link] -

Should remain encrypted for the duration of an applications' life on the phone. I have looked at DES and AES briefly, not yet on RSA. -

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If your data is short, e.g an int, you don't need a full blown encryption algorithm, just xor it with your secret (password). Typical encryption algorithms are needed when your data is significantly larger than your secret.

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For short data you are probably better off using something that doesn't need padding. Either a good stream cypher or AES in CTR mode would do.

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