akka amqp opción de latido y tolerancia a fallos

So I'm not seeing a way to easily tune the connection factory for the AMQP module. It's embedded deep enough in a package private class that short of explicit structural type casting, it doesn't seem like there is a way. I need to enable heartbeat functionality on it using a setter.

Now, even if there is a way to set it (I don't see how), the AMQP actor doesn't seem to have a way to reconnect in case of a shutdown exception, which is thrown when the heartbeat fails. Let me know if the above observations are ok? I'd really like to continue using the akka amqp module, but I'll have to rewrite it using raw amqp-client if the above isn't possible. Thanks a lot. Ilya

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Are you still using akka-amqp? It was eliminated a while ago, the suggested replacement is akka-camel. -

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