ejemplos de programación de dsf (marco de simulación de dispositivos) en c # o vb.net

I would like to program with device simulation framework (dsf) which is included with the microsoft wdk(windows driver kit) in managed code anyone have any c# or vb.net source code samples i can see? I am trying to convert my vbscript sample on http://kinecmultipoint.codeplex.com to vb.net but i cant figure out all of the types/classes for vb.net. Anyone know what im doing wrong take a look at it but it has a blue screen error right now so run in virtual machine because i havent fixed the error yet. Also, having a debugged from the wdk installed will help during a bluescreen.

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I have since fixed this error myself it turns out I have some minor errors (for loops not being done correctly) in my script file have cause this. I will upload at the link above my latest source code.

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