cargar una variable de un archivo .mat en una variable con un nombre diferente

Say I have a .mat file with several instances of the same structure, each in a different variable name.

I want to process each instance found in a file (which I find using whos('-file' ...). I was hoping that load would let me specify the destination name for a variable so that I didn't have to worry about collisions (and so that I didn't have to write self-modifying code a la eval).

The brute force way to do this appears to be creating a helper function that, using variables with names that hopefully don't conflict with the .mat contents, does something like:

  1. Hace un whos on the file to get the contained names.
  2. Iteratively load each contained structure.
  3. Utiliza materiales de eval to assign the loaded structure into, say, a cell array (where one column of the array contains the .mat file's structure names and a corresponding column with the actual contents of each structure from the .mat file).

Is there no more elegant way to accomplish the same thing?

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Of course you can! Just use load with an output argument.

x = 1;
save foo;

ls = load('foo.mat');

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nice. I repeatedly looked at the load manual page wondering "what is the return value of a 'structure array' supposed to be?" Now I know! - jhfrontz

usted puede load the data in a MAT file into a structure

ws = load('matlab.mat');

the fields of the structure ws will be the variables in the MAT file. You can then even have a cell array of structures



>> x = 1;
>> save ws_1;
>> x = 2;
>> y = 1;
>> save ws_2
>> clear
>> ws{1} = load('ws_1.mat')
>> ws{2} = load('ws_2.mat')
>> ws{1}.x
    x = 1
>> ws{2}.x
    x = 2

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