¿Cómo crear un enlace JNDI de cadena personalizado en JBoss AS7?

I'm looking to create a custom string JNDI binding in JBoss AS7, but can't quite figure out how to configure it. I looked in the standalone-preview.xml file, but do not see any examples that would enable me to understand how I can configure a JNDI lookup with a simple string (URL) as a return value. I tried looking through the docs, but do not see anything there either.

I found the following snippet on Jboss Forums, but I do not understand how to use it at all. I cannot find any documentation on object-factory - how to define the object-factory and/or even what it is or how it works (ie: which attributes must be set, what they mean, etc):

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:naming:1.1">
        <object-factory name="java:/custom/dog" module="org.jboss.animalshelter" class="org.jboss.animalshelter.resource.DogFactory"/>

I know how this was accomplished in JBoss AS6, but I cannot seem to understand how to do this for AS7.

¿Puede alguien señalarme en la dirección correcta, por favor?



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Creo que es un ObjectFactory. You may find for information in Writing an Object Factory.

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