¿Qué metaetiqueta debo usar para un diccionario? [cerrado]

I have a web site that serves as a dictionary, and it ranks good at google when searching for a rare word in my language (the dictionary target). I want the result to appear in the define: some-word, as well as in the search results when someone uses the filter tool Dictionary.

Should I add some special meta-tag in the head of the html?

Does google have a special webmaster tool for registering dictionaries like: wordnetweb.princeton.edu or en.wiktionary.org ?

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Not programming related. Perhaps webmasters. -

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While I don't know how far outside of its typical PageRank algorithm Google goes for dictionary/definition based sites you might want to start researching microformats for word definition and dictionaries.

Looks like some work has been done via: http://microformats.org/wiki/definition-examples but I have no idea how widely accepted/implemented that standard might be by Google or others.

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