¿Cómo obtener () relaciones de 3 niveles de profundidad en el mapeador de datos en el encendedor de código?

I am designing a database with the code igniter datamapper. Imagine that I have a three tables one with users and one with friends and one with foods friend like. I am trying to access the food friend like. I have populated all the tables with data mapper. Here is how I do it:

user mesa tiene id, user_name, gender, user_id campos.

Every user has many friends and friend table is:

friend mesa tiene id, friend_id, friend_name, user_id

Every friend has many foods and here is table for it: friend id food

I was able to populate the tables by filing out the values. Lets say for example:

1 andy male 394 
2 jen  female 439

1 243 mark 394
2 493 silvia 394
3 459 gloria 439

So when I try to access friend of a user from the database I do this:


if ($u->exists())
$data['user']['first_name'] = $u->first_name;
$data['user']['last_name'] = $u->last_name;
$data['user']['gender'] = $u->gender;

and it works...(i don't know why it knows what is the id of friend to relate to) but it works... now I am trying to go one level deeper and access or get() every users' friends foods...but I do't know how?

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Ok I found the answer:

 if ($u->exists())
$data['user_profile']['first_name'] = $u->first_name;
    $data['user_profile']['last_name'] = $u->last_name;

foreach($u->friend->get()->all as $u){

$fm=new Food();

foreach($fm->all as $fm){

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It'd be great if you could answer your own question with specifics on the configuration required to do this. That way, you can accept your own answer and this thread remains a good resource for people with a related issue in the future.. - landons

Si tomas el $fm = new Food(); out of the foreach-loop, the performance will increase! Just use $fm->clear(); at the top inside the loop. Connections between models are done through relationsships: Check the datamapper docs. - Ruben Müller

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