Quiero que aparezca un cuadro de error, pero ni siquiera se produce el error.

i have made a webform, and i have a script for the handeling of this form (php) this script works fine, but i also made a javascript error checker, now when i try to get some php in that script, it somehow bugs, and doesn't check my errors, in javascript,

below you will find the code i wrote for the error handeling, i'm not finished yet, but i'm currently stuck, since i need to go to my database to check something, and the javascript error handler bugs there.

quick walktrough: I myself have 0 karma for the purposes of testing this error handling. i click submit, and even tho i haven't filled in my username, it doesn't show an error. and brings me directly to the php handler wich does find errors.

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function getUID()
     global $user;
     if ($user->uid) 
          echo $userID;
          header('Location: http://brokendiamond.org/?q=node/40');
function getUN()
     global $user;
     if ($user->uid) 
echo $username;

function getKarma()
     include "php-scripts/DBConnection.php";
     $con = getconnection();
     mysql_select_db("brokendi_BD", $con);
     $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM userpoints WHERE uid='getUID()'");
     $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
     $currentkarma = (int)$row['points'];

     echo $currentkarma;

<script type="text/javascript">
function validateForm()
var name=document.forms["CCF"]["username"].value;
var karma = parseInt(<?php echo json_encode(getKarma()); ?>);
var errors = "";

     if (name==null || name=="")
         errors += "Error: The username field cannot be empty";

    if (karma < 500)
         errors += "Error: Not enough Karma, you need at least 500 karma to submit this form";

    if (errors != "")
         return false;

<form name="CCF" action="php-scripts/sendmail.php" method="post" onsubmit="return validateForm()" >
Username: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp
<input type="hidden" name="UserID" value="<?php getUID() ?>">
<input type="text" name="username" value="<?php getUN() ?>" /><br>
E-mail adress: 
<input type="text" name="mail" /><br><br>
What type of 'Content Creator' do you want to become? <br />
<input type="radio" name="CCT" value="Blogger" /> Blogger<br />
<input type="radio" name="CCT" value="Livestreamer" /> Livestreamer<br> <br>
What's your motivation?<br />
<textarea name="motivation" cols="60" rows="6"></textarea><br><br>
Why should we pick you as content creator?<br />
<textarea name="whyshouldwe" cols="60" rows="6"></textarea><br><br>
Do you have some reference material?<br />
<textarea name="reference" cols="60" rows="6"></textarea><br><br>
<h3>Rules to content creation</h3>
<p>You can only submit this once every day, the other versions will not be read, and you will lose Karma for each submit.<br />
When u submit this form, we will examine your account, and we will take a close look to your reference material.<br>
<h4>For Livestreamers Only</h4>
If we think you have what it takes to be a livestreamer ( frequent hours required ) we will examine your stream, and your computer/internet potential.<br />
If that is good enough for the website, you'll become a content creator.<br>
<h4>For Bloggers</h4>
If we think you are blogging material for out website, you will become a content creator, once you are accepted onto the team we will track your progress.<br />
If however you neglect your power or publish inappropriate content, then we will have no choice but to remove you from our team and will revert you to a regular user account.<br><br>
<input name="Send" type="submit" id="art-button-wrapper" value="I donate 500 Karma, and want to become a 'Content Creator'!" />

I can't see what the problem is, or why it won't work because i'm not skilled enough yet in javascript.

Gracias de antemano, Jonathan

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Try replacing if (errors != "") { alert(errors); return false; } -

With else {} and see if that works -

I put your code into a local page on my machine (after stubbing the UID and karma points) and I correctly get the alert dialog if karma is less than 500 or I leave the username field blank. Is it possible that you have a blank space in the username field (perhaps your getUN() returns " ")? Otherwise I would check to see if you have other script errors on the page using Firebug in Firefox, or the Developer console in Chrome. -

the problem is mainly when i check for the Karma bit, it doesn't show an error, normaly if the username is correct, but the karma isn't enough, it should show an error but it doesn't -

i do think the problem lays with the javascript, because when i run the php code, and i just do an echo it shows the karma points right, maybe with the var karma = parseInt(<?php echo json_encode(getKarma()); ?>); is there another way to do this? i do think its there. -

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