Plantillas Javascript personalizadas para herramientas de terceros

We have an incident management tool, where sometimes we need to fill in repetitive data to close an incident(mostly a JSP or aspx page), I was just wondering is there any way to create a User defined Javascript Plugin: which can do following:

  1. User defined and starts with broeser,
  2. a check button , when clicked allows the JAVA code to acces Data a Text or Xls sheet
  3. And finally polulate teh data into the repective cell in the webpage

Please give a brief outline of how to create and deploy this Javascript ,I have eclipse and Java installed in my system

PS. Our incident management tool is a secured website it is (https://itsm.**.com/arsys/forms/amrrm6100/SHR%3ALandingConsole/Default+Administrator+View/?cacheid=cfe755b8)

And it has multiple tabs under which the data has to be filled.

Cualquier ayuda es apreciada

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Don't know if i understand you the right way but i think a browser plugin can help you.

have a closer look at grease monkey for firefox.

This one allows you to modify websites to your needs (maybe with a drop down box of default texts) without touching the application itself.

Respondido 02 Feb 12, 15:02

hey thank you for reply, but I want to build a Plugin by myself as our company will not allow any external vendor made Plugin, and that too for IE as we can only use that in our company - RAJ

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