formato de una función de espera y retraso

¿Qué 180 * 1 denote for, in a dts package that I'm looking at.

It's basically a dts package with SQL code.

The comments beside this says 120 minutes for 60*2 and 90 minutes for 180*1.

Can some please help me understand this?

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You forgot to show us the code you're asking about. -

if ( datediff(ss,@lclstarttime,getdate()) > 180 * 1 ) ----loop SFTP for 90 mins to look for Complete.txt file begin set @lclContinue = 0 end -

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The pasted code is a trigger that fires when it's 180 seconds (3 minutes) past the start time. If the comment is correct, it triggers a process that loops SFTP for 90 minutes. But you didn't paste any of the code that this triggers, whatever lclContinue does, so we can't tell how that comment relates to the code. If there is no such code and lclContinue directly causes the looping, then the comment is completely incorrect.

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thanks David. This answers our question. So i assume, if its one hour of loop (for instance) it would be 60*60 or 180*20 etc.,.? whats up with the x * y concept. can't it just be the total number of seconds as just one number? like 3600. - user451820

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