¿Hay algún analizador SMS Pdu disponible en Java?

Anyone knows a available Pdu Parser in Java from byte[] array, my main concern is to get the User Data Header (UDH) complying to the GSM standard. I mean getting it properly.

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smsLib is relatively mature. You could also make use of the parser built into Android.

Respondido 03 Feb 12, 00:02

I can't seem to find a way to parse the Pdu to generate the UDH using the built-in Android parser, do you have experience with this? - quarks

Yes, I have used the utilities in the library to achieve my requirements. - quarks

As I was in need of an SMS-PDU parser/creator a couple of years ago I could not find one and had to write my own. Grab a copy of GSM 03.40, brush up on your bit-fiddling skills, and get going. :)

Respondido 02 Feb 12, 14:02

Seems like this will be the case, but hopefully someone could share. - quarks

I’m still digging in my old archives, I might still have that stuff somewhere but don’t hold your breath. - bomba

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