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I want to develop an iPhone iBook app which should be integrate with Apple's iBooks library. I can build an App with PDFs and link them as per requirements but not sure how to give the Apple's iBook library functionalities like Font, Theme, Search, Bookmark etc! Are there automatically available when you integrate iBook with Apple's iBooks library?

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Use Apple's App "iBooks Author", it's available for free in the Mac App Store -

@BjörnKaiser It seems "iBooks Author" is only available for iPad! Can I use it to publish App for iPhones? -

Interesting, didn't expect it to be only available for iPad books. Bad research on my side. I found this copyblogger.com/publish-in-ibookstore on Goole, maybe it helps you. Also check out Apple's FAQ about publishing on the iBooks Store apple.com/itunes/content-providers/book-faq.html -

I'm not sure what you're asking here. iBooks only reads ePub and PDF ebooks. Their textbooks are merely modified ePub files. iBooks doesn't run third-party applications, it just reads ebooks. Are you looking to create an application that mimics iBooks' functionality? -

@AppleDeveloper - Again, iBooks doesn't run third-party applications. It just reads ePub documents and PDF files. If you want to have something that can be read in iBooks, you'll need to create an ePub document, not an application. If you want to provide a level of interactivity beyond what's currently supported in the ePub files that iBooks can read, you'll have to do that independently of iBooks by providing an application through the App Store. iBooks will have no knowledge of this application. -

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