Perl Critic: coma utilizada para separar declaraciones

Follow code is not accepted by Critic, severity 4:

return {
    'debug'  => $debug,
    'identifier' => $identifier

Me sale este error:

# Perl::Critic found these violations in "":
# Comma used to separate statements at line 356, column 3.  See pages 68,71 of PBP.  (Severity: 4)

But this code is accepted without any remark:

my $result = {
    'debug' => $debug,
    'identifier' => $identifier

return $result; 

Is it really better to write my return using a temporary variable, or is the critic wrong in detecting a Comma used to separate statements while I'm just constructing and returning a hashref?

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WOuld it help if you write return ({ .... }); ? -

I cannot reproduce this behaviour. What version of Perl::Critic ¿Estas usando? -

I cannot reproduce the problem: perlcritic --brutal -s ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements␤ source OK Perhaps upgrade PPI and Perl::Critic? -

I suggest using a temp array then return its address like my %ans = { ...} ; return \%ans, you are indicating that your are returning an hashref and not a function block. -

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I found this bug in version 1.105, it is gone in version 1.116. It got fixed somewhere in between there.

The fix is not mentioned in the change logs, but PPI changes are mentioned. May have been a PPI error.

Respondido 02 Feb 12, 15:02

Thanks, upgrading to the last version indeed helped (and created a whole new list of criticisms for code that previously passed, too - yay! :]) - Konerak

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