Binario del último marco Qt (con MingW32) listo para usar para programación COM / ActiveX

Can someone point to me where I can find binary distribution of the latest Qt Framework 4.8.0. (with MingW32) ready for Office automation?

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What does Qt have to do with Office automation? -

@Lukáš Lalinský: As far as I know, Qt targets Windows platform and can do COM/ActiveX. -

@Styne666: -1 for the question or for the comment? Please elaborate if it for the question. I have the feeling of being a collateral damage. Thank you. -

Shouldn't the question be then, where to download Qt? There is nothing Office-specific in Qt. -

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MinGW32 is not recommended if you want to do COM/ActiveX. Use VS2008 or VS2010.

QAxObject es su amigo.

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Visual studio is not an option to me. - menjaraz

¿Por qué no? Es gratis. Why on earth would you develop ActiveX under MinGW32? - Spraff

Visual studio is too bloated even the Express version. - menjaraz

+1: I end up installing VS2010 Express and accept your answer. Thank you. - menjaraz

Aquí; you get MinGW separately, as well as any third-party component which integrates with Office.

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Thank you for answering. I have already Qt 4.8.0 (with MingW32) and Qt Creator 2.4.0 on my box. My wish is to make them truly COM/ActiveX capable or find a binary distribution working out of the box. - menjaraz

Qt integrates with ActiveX although you'll get no help from MS going the other way. Dunno what you mean by "truly", they're entirely separate technologies. You might as well say "truly bittorrent capable". - Spraff

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