¿Por qué el teclado en modo horizontal aparece así?

I have a problem with showing keyboard in landscape mode. My activity contains an EditText where user must type a license number, and a Button ok. It looks like this (image is rotated) ingrese la descripción de la imagen . I put the following code to appear the keyboard when activity starts :

imm = (InputMethodManager) getSystemService(Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE);  

and now my activity starts like this (image is rotated) : ingrese la descripción de la imagen

My question is : why it looks like this? If it is in portrait mode, the keyboard appear on the bottom side but not affect the contain of current view. I put the EditText on the top side for this, to appear the keyboard on bottom. Can anyone explain me why this looks like this or if i can change this?

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Try setting android:imeOptions="actionDone|flagNoExtractUi".

This sounds like the same issue discussed in Teclado desproporcionado en diseño horizontal Android

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The answer which gave by @Frank was right but you can do programmatically by this:


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