Actualización de webxml 1.4 a 1.4.1

I have an irritating problem with webxml plugin. I need version 1.4.1. I have webxml 1.4 and when I try to upgrade it from STS 2.8.1 it gets upgraded but it's like it rolls back the changes immediately. I also tried upgrading it from Grails console and from command prompt. When I upgrade webxml from command promt it gets upgraded but then in STS I lose dependencies. And when I refresh dependencies from Grails tools STS downgrades webxml to 1.4. Please help.

  • Griales 1.3.7
  • STS 2.8.1


  • calendario 1.2.1
  • hibernar 1.3.7
  • mail 1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • spring-security-core 1.2.6
  • tomcat 1.3.7

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Does it make any difference if you define the webxml dependency in your BuildConfig.groovy? -

@david Thanks for advice david. I tried that allready but it didn't help. -

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That's coming from the spring-security-core dependencies - update spring-security-core to

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